Made on Monday 41 – Autumnal Equinox

What’s Cooking In the Night Kitchen?

I don’t know about you all, but I am wakeful at the wrongest times, and quite often. I think the cat gets up for a snack around 3 a.m. and she wakes me up when she walks across me on her way to the kitchen. This is the cat in question. img_2246-version-2When I wake up at that hour, it is often hard to return to sleep. I’ve had enough sleep to feel fairly rested, but noting the time, I begin to worry about not going back to sleep, and then other thoughts begin to creep in.While this is somewhat annoying, I find I have some of my best creative inspirations during the wee hours. I have become obsessed with an idea of making a quilt that reflects the way these ideas come to me when I would rather be sleeping. I had a vision of all the workers in my head marching around and creating these images that would appear out of the darkness. So this week, I started doing some experiments with bleach pens and discharge paste on commercially dyed dark fabrics I had lying around. Ultimately I will want to dye my own fabric and discharge and embellish it afterward, but right now I don’t have the space available to make that big of a mess, so I’m starting small. I came up with some interesting scraps of this and that, and decided to use them for my next batch of Made on Monday pieces. Here is the first one. This was made with Jacquard Discharge Paste, stenciled on a commercial print (black printed with a dark gray design), origin unknown. I liked the way the background discharged to a lighter color than the printed design, creating an interesting texture.I added color back into the leaf image with pastel dye sticks, and I added some machine stitching. Happy Autumn!


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Made on Monday 38 – Grafted 1

As I completed some of my excavations pieces, I had bits left over that were too good-looking to toss out, so I made a couple of them out of the off-cuts. This is a graft, with some extra stitching added to give it its own personality. I love that hot pink layer…it was a Solarfast print of a piece of lace, and the lace really shows up well in the windows here!

#38 Grafted 1

For Kate Bridger‘s  Made on Monday.

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Marguerite’s Dream – A Challenge, a Detour, and another Finish

Not long ago I joined a group called The Pointless Sisters Art Quilt Group in my neighborhood. It was one of my hopes on my retirement bucket list, to find a group to belong to who shared my interest in textile arts, since virtually none of my family or other friends do.

At the first meeting I attended a new challenge was issued to the group, to make a quilt using only Black and White and One Color. We can use any shade (of black, or white orthe one color), the quilt could be any size, and any theme. I wracked my brain for a couple of months, and finally started on a strings project similar to my Improv Bargello, using a selection of black and white prints, black and white solids and an array of orange shades from a fat quarter bundle that happened to show up in the shop where I volunteer. It was going along pretty well, when in the wee hours one night I woke up with a very clear vision of a completely different quilt that would also satisfy this challenge! So, I stopped in the middle of the one I’d started and made the one I’m sharing today.

And, in spite of my ongoing struggles with free motion quilting, I forced myself to do some on this piece, because it was just the only way to get the effect I was going for. I used a combination of FMQ (verging on FM embroidery or even thread painting, really) and more straight line quilting, but because this is the first piece I have finished where I actually like the way the FMQ came out, I’m also going to attempt to link up with Lizzie Lenard’s Free Motion Mavericks, where I have been watching from the wings for many months, but had nothing to share. Better start somewhere!

Here are a couple of detail shots:



One not-so-happy discovery was that the fusibles* I used for the applique on this project really gummed up my machine needles so that I had to constantly stop and clean them off, and when I got to the hand sewing bits, it was even worse!

*I used Wonder Under until I ran out and then completed with Steam-a-Seam 2 Lite. I had not really had this experience before, so am somewhat mystified.

Anyhow, I persisted, and here is the finished piece.



Marguerite’s Dream

16″ x 23″

August 2016

Now, back to my original project.

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