My New Situation, the Demise of Threadbias and Improv Bee Blocks Progress

I am now in week three of retirement, and the joke about it is quite true, I don’t know how I ever had time to work!  I’ve been that busy.  I expected to get right back to my wanna-be blog here, but the last of the summer weather has been lovely, and there’s so much to do elsewhere, I haven’t wanted to sit in front of the computer too much.  Specifically, I’ve been using my free time for actual sewing.

Today I want to start a post about the Modern Block Party-esque Bee I was part of on Threadbias, the lately decommissioned online sewing community.  Hopefully, some of the folks who were part of this bee with me will eventually be able to find out how I used their blocks in my own quilt top.  Alas, for better or worse, Threadbias is no more, as of August 31.  I belonged to several groups there, over the course of the past year, and one of my favorites was a bee based on the book Modern Block Party.  Every month one of us was Queen and sent out packets to the others (12 of us all together) with instructions to make a block.  During my month as Queen, I sent each of them a couple of large squares of Kona Snow color and instructions to create improv blocks, more or less based on Joe Cunningham’s “Wheel of Pattern” process of randomly selecting several actions to modify the initial starting block.  In Joe’s Craftsy class he actually had a little spinner wheel with the different instructions on it, but I just charted them on a piece of paper and asked people to shut their eyes and stab a finger at it to find out what to do next.  Or to just make it up as they went along, aka “improv it”.  I asked them to stay within the part of the color spectrum from orange to magenta and aim for a block about 15″ x 15″, or so.  Otherwise no rules.  Various people reported various levels of comfort with this approach, but I think everyone succeeded in making a useable piece of fabric for my further manipulation. Here, then, are the blocks I received.  Next up I will show some progress I’ve been making in putting them together.  But the sun is shining and that is for another day.IMG_2201                 IMG_2199               IMG_2198                 IMG_2197 IMG_2196                 IMG_2195 IMG_2194                 IMG_2193 IMG_2192                 IMG_2191 IMG_2190                 IMG_2189 IMG_2188                 IMG_2187 IMG_2186                 IMG_2185 IMG_2184                 IMG_2183 IMG_2182                 IMG_2181 IMG_2180                 IMG_2179 IMG_2178                IMG_2200


4 thoughts on “My New Situation, the Demise of Threadbias and Improv Bee Blocks Progress

  1. Pleased to see your having the same experience as me! No time for anything. Don’t seem to be getting updates for your blog even though I am following it – only got a notification of the previous reply ( as far as I know given retirement has just made me relax!), not your post. Anyway your blocks look interesting – even if not specifically my thing – I just don’t have the imagination but love my geometric type of stuff. We each have our own ways. Summer has been ‘bare’ for sewing – the garden calls too much!


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