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Advanced Fabric Hoarding

Although I’ve been on a campaign to get rid of excess possessions in other parts of my house, I am a compulsive saver of scraps and odds and ends in my sewing room. I have a very hard time making myself throw anything out. Who knows, I might need it for some project that hasn’t occurred to me yet, right? Confession: I even save thread, because of some Youtube video I saw once that gave me an idea.

Here is my thread jar. FullSizeRenderI’ve been stuffing thread into it since 2013. When I’m sewing, I save all the cut-off ends in a little dish, and then stuff them in here at the end of a project. This has a useful benefit in keeping the threads out of the rollers of my vacuum cleaner (well, mostly).

It’s worse with scraps. This is not going to be one of those posts that helps you to corral and organize your scraps. That is not how I roll. I save just about everything as long as there is one dimension greater than about an inch. I try to sort them by sizes, and sometimes I get energetic and cut some of the smaller ones into squares or strips, but I was getting quite a pile of odd-shaped snippets in my basket, so I began a postcard making project. The scraps are cut and fused to muslin backing, then stitched, then fused again to a Peltex core with card stock on the back, and then edge stitched. Quite labor intensive, but addicting. Today I finished a batch of over 50 cards. My friends and family like them, so I thought I should share.  Here’s a selection.

PA29PA31PA32 PA33PA34PA35   PA38PA39PA41 PA42PA46PA48 PA49PQ18PQ28    PA37PA36PA50

8 thoughts on “Postcards Project

  1. Some friends trade ATCs. I keep thinking I need to make some but never do. Postcards look much more useful – always an important point to me. Fun, fun fun.

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  2. These are wonderful – I have spent ages looking at them trying to decide which one is my favourite. By the way, you come up as a no reply blogger when you comment – could you drop me a line with your email address?

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  3. I’m a fabric postcard fiend too. I love making them and I love seeing people’s reactions when they realize they can be mailed!!!! Currently in a fabric postcard swap on Instagram. If you are interested in swapping, and use IG, check #openswaps
    Great job on the scrappy postcards.
    Marsha / QuilterinMotion

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    • Hi, Marsha, it’s nice to hear from you! The postcards are a lot of fun…relatively quick gratification from materials on hand. I’m not on IG at present, but if I ever get there I’ll look up the postcards group.


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