Monday Miscellany

So many irons in the fire here, I hardly know which way to go next. I’ve got a couple of quilts sandwiched and ready for quilting but somehow can’t get myself to start on either. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten sidetracked working on some clothing projects. Found some pretty printed corduroy in the donation store where I volunteer and made myself a shirt. It’s been a long time since I did much clothing construction and I’d sort of forgotten how much I enjoy that. Naturally, this exacerbates my problem with too many ideas and too many unfinished projects. While visiting Vicki Welsh’s Field Trips in Fiber I read her invitation to join in UFO Busting in 2016. That’s for me, I said to myself. So, now I have another new project, making an inventory of all the UFOs that must be busted! I have to set up a notebook for this purpose.

IMG_0984My hubby, TK, is the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back. I hoard collect them. I made an attempt to move a project further along by joining about a hundred strips I’d cut from these. This resulted in a piece of new cloth about 42″ by 60″, whose ultimate fate remains a mystery for now. But I only used up about half of the strips I have. Sigh…


At the same time, I was getting new project ideas at an alarming rate. TK and I have started spending Sunday mornings taking lengthy walks and hikes at different places in our part of the world. I always take a camera, and snap pictures along the way, of vegetation, birds, signs, etc. These images give me new project ideas. One recent walk was along the West County Regional Trail, which follows the old railroad right of way passing this old fruit processing facility. More design inspiration!


See what I mean?

I made some progress on my version of a slow stitching project. Last spring in (what I now realize was) a futile attempt to reduce the clutter of small scraps, I spent a day cutting the smallest of them into 2-1/2″ squares.  These I sorted by colors into groups of 9, and put in a box with needles, thread, snips and pins. IMG_1006In all I cut nearly a thousand squares, which will yield 110 nine-patches. I keep the box on the coffee table and hand-stitch together a little nine-patch or two on Sunday evenings in front of the TV. I have done enough now that I can do it in fading light without even really looking. I sewed the first one on March 29, and this past week I passed the half-way point by completing Number 55!

That’s the week that was.IMG_1009 Happy National Button Day! Who knew?


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  1. My husband gives me his shirts, too but they are generally lighter. These look great together. At least you have made-fabric with yours. And your photos remind me of Kaja and her walks. My photos are rarely as interesting.

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  2. I love your pieced shirt strips – they look fantastic. And you have so much on the go – you must have a buzzing brain at the moment too! I think once the ideas start popping they develop a momentum all their own.


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