Made on Monday 4 – Boxing Day

Boxing Day is the day for eating leftovers and playing with all the new toys. And we all finally got a good night’s sleep! We are suited up in new warm caps and scarves and taking a long walk in the cold, crisp morning. Step carefully, there is still some ice on the pavement there! Meanwhile, back home under the tree, there are still bright holiday-colored glints of discarded wrapping paper and ribbons, but the boxes have all given up all their mystery, and what remains is only sparkle and shine. Now we can relax with our feet up and ponder Christmas Day and the ending of another year.


Techniques used in this piece included layering of multiple fabrics, improvisational machine stitching and slashing to create a sort of reverse applique, folding and application of heat, and couching yarns, to create an ‘excavation’ of layers underneath the background fabric.

Visit Kate Bridger ‘s web site for more information about Made on Monday, or the Textile Arts group on Facebook, to see what others are doing. References I’m using for my project include Ruth Singer’s Fabric Manipulation: 150 Creative Sewing Techniques, and The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Collette Wolff.

1 thought on “Made on Monday 4 – Boxing Day

  1. Mmm. I really like this one, Sue. It reminds me of some work from a recent class with Valerie Goodwin – mainly because of all the painting, fusing, stitching and embellishment. Thanks for sharing.


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