Big Noise

My Floating Squares score quilt (the Loud Quilt) stalled out after my last post. But that doesn’t mean it was out of sight or mind. It was keeping me awake at night, pestering me with a lot of questions about how and when I would get back to it. And I was not cooperating…I just left it there in a pile and told it to pipe down while I worked on some other things.

For one thing, I didn’t have room on my little closet door design wall to hang all the units and arrange them. Never mind, I later discovered that no matter how they were laid out, I had pretty much the same result, visually. I liked the clash of colors, and the cacophony, but I could see that my floating squares had dissappeared. They were all melting together into a puddle of super-saturated colors and bold patterns. A good lesson about why negative space is so important–something I routinely forget or ignore.


Thinking about this led me to consider adding another, less assertive fabric, that would provide some relief. I played around with this idea using the Brushes app for iPad. I learned of this watching a documentary about the British artist  David Hockney, who began using this technology for making sketches for his paintings, and now has created a whole new art form with it.

[Note: I do not compare myself in any way with a great artist, but the technology is fun, fascinating and relatively inexpensive! I use it a lot to sketch ideas I have for projects, or just to doodle.]

I imported a photo of the Loud-Quilt-In-Progress into the app and then played around with ways to chop it up and add backgrounds. I decided that a black and white print would fill the bill.


Of course, I don’t have anything like the swirly pattern in the iPad image above, but I did find a couple of large pieces of this sort of abstract houndstooth print.


IMG_1505I laid out some of the units on it to see how it looked. I think it might work. My helper liked it a lot. In fact she couldn’t get enough of it. IMG_1506The next phase will be joining my completed units together with this background fabric. I’m finding that maintaining my interest in this score is hard for me. Is that why I avoided it for so long? Do I have quilter’s block? One problem is the size of the quilt top that will result, far bigger than anything I have done so far–and even bigger now that I’m adding a fourth fabric to the mix. How will I ever quilt it in my cramped space? Also, I really enjoy working on a smaller scale. Part of the attraction there is that I can finish a project before I get bored with it. I get brainstorms for new projects so frequently that it is frustrating to be tied up on a long effort. That’s why there is that big bag of UFOs in the corner of the room.

But I have wanted to work through all the scores in the Improv Handbook, and as I write this, Sherri Lynn Wood is polling the Facebook group for a quilt along. Check it out if you’ve been wanting to work through all the scores in the book. I’ll do it, but as a series of smaller pieces, I think.

I hope everyone is having a good week. We are still having rainy days here in Northern California, and I love it. We need the rain badly, and I always liked a rainy day. Plus, stormy weather makes for some fabulous vistas and big waves along the coast, as we saw on our  weekly hike last Sunday morning.


Finally, I want to thank all of you who have been visiting and leaving comments. You encourage me to keep up with the blog. I really enjoy the feedback on what I’m doing, and the camaraderie, and I am trying to return the favor by visiting and commenting on your pages as well.

Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Big Noise

  1. I’ve not heard of the Brushes app; it will be fun to experiment with. Thanks.
    Your changes should help this quilt. I see what you mean but don’t quite know why it didn’t work. (You have the similar colors to Stephie’s quilt at Dawn Chorus Studio.) This is a tricky score to work through. Thanks so much for sharing your process and progress.

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    • I probably should have pointed out in the post, that I have found I wanted/needed a stylus to really use the drawing aspect of the app. I got one for Christmas (it is called a Sensu–brush on one end, rubber drawing tip on the other). The jury is still out on whether it is a good one, but it is much easier to draw than with my fingers!

      Thanks for your comments. I have been looking at Stephie’s too, and I guess I’ll go back there now and see if I can sus’ out where my own thing went astray!


  2. Just catching up with my blog reading and I can see you have been busy. I still love the colours in this so it’s really interesting to follow along as you work out how to take it forward. I think you are right: it needs another fabric in there to give things a little bit more shape.


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