Made on Monday 8 – Whiteout

Thinking this week about my two youngest nieces and other dear friends out on the East coast, enduring some very heavy weather and blizzard conditions. I had a great response to the minimalist aspect of my post last week (Atmostpheric River) and surprised myself by liking that one a lot myself, in spite of my love for riotous color. I’m going to go with the monochrome thing for a bit, and explore the various ways one can sculpt the surface of fabric. Here is my MoM piece for this week:  Whiteout


Visit Kate Bridger ‘s web site for more information about Made on Monday, or the Textile Arts group on Facebook, to see what others are doing. References I’m using for my project include Ruth Singer’s Fabric Manipulation: 150 Creative Sewing Techniques, and The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Collette Wolff.

6 thoughts on “Made on Monday 8 – Whiteout

  1. just wonderful. Wonderful. I like a lot of saturated color too, and when I work with subtle color or neutrals it feels like respite. LeeAnna (I get your posts by email, but don’t usually come over to comment. Always watching but from a distance lol)

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  2. Thanks, LeAnna, I have been reading your posts as well, but I find that if I attempt to comment on everything I see and like, I am on the computer all day, rather than working on my projects. Thanks for stopping by!


    • Thanks, Ann, just looked at Fallert’s “High Tech Tucks”…very striking. I had not seen that body of her work yet. I’m still tucking away here.


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