Speaking of Butterflies

I’m linking up with the Kaleidoscope of Butterflies over at Ann’s Fret Not Yourself. I have already learned more about butterfly related topics in my own neck of the woods from Ann than I knew a month ago. If you are in the SF Bay area check out her post for a couple of destinations!

I’ve had success attracting butterflies in our garden by planting various salvias, butterfly bush, and most notably my herb garden which they seem to love. We see lots of them in season.

I have not made a butterfly quilt, but I have made a pair of photos of butterflies I am proud of mostly since I managed to keep my hands steady enough to shoot them. First, a very pretty one  in Costa Rica, which I have not been able to identify:DSC07729

Second, another more familiar Western Tiger Swallowtail at Spooner Lake, NV near Lake Tahoe.


As to using butterflies in my sewing projects, I have a collection of old lace which includes four or five of these little beauties, tatted or crocheted, I know not which. I made a pincushion out of one of them; my BFF loved it so much that it now resides at her house in a place of honor, and is safe from any threat of actual pins!


And finally an experiment I tried using Jaquard Solarfast sun printing with a negative image of a few of the others. negative (17)My application was much too wet, causing a lot of condensation between the negative and the cloth, so the crispness of the image was lost. Clearly my technique needs perfecting! IMG_4889 - Version 2



6 thoughts on “Speaking of Butterflies

  1. I just love butterflies! I’m always spotting them and consulting my wildlife books to identify. We get many different ones in our garden here in UK and it’s one of the things I look forward to the Spring for – as well as the start of the buds on things – though this last year I’ve had things in flower all year – like Camelias – that shouldn’t be flowering until March and April – and they haven’t stopped since last April!


  2. I was going to suggest that might be bobbin lace, too. How lucky you are to attract butterflies. I’m going to try lavender and salvia this year hoping to get some of them. And sun printing is a good experiment. Lots of great ideas to try. Thanks for linking up with us. Hope to join again next month, too. (Hint, hint.)


  3. Your butterfly pics are beautiful. I have several butterfly bushes in my yard too. But it’s too cold for butterflies here now.

    That lace butterfly is gorgeous. I kind of like your muted butterfly sun print.. I tried sun printing with the grandkids and that was a failed experiment. Need to try another medium next time!


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