Made on Monday 9 – Dunes at Dawn

When I finished this piece it reminded me of the huge, white sand dunes we saw in Death Valley last spring. On the morning we left, we got up early to begin our drive, and the sun was not yet up over the mountains to the East so we saw these dunes in the rosy glow of dawn. I didn’t manage to photograph them (dunes and dawn) together, but between the two photos below, you can get the idea.


Creating the piece was surprising, in that I had intended to stay with my monochromatic series. I wanted to add a different material to vary the texture. I had a length of very sheer, gauzy ribbon with a bit of metallic glint, that I thought was all basically the same off-white shade as my cotton fabric. I cut it into three pieces and sewed them together side by side to make a wider piece, and only then noticed that the ribbon actually changes colors along its length, going from beige to pink to blue then repeating that sequence. The white manipulated tucks at the bottom are stitched along their length all at the same depth and slightly deeper than the width of the spaces in between, so they overlap. The ribbon is pleated only along the vertical sides and then folded and pressed to create random creases.

MoM #9 – Dunes at Dawn

#9 - Dunes at Dawn

Visit Kate Bridger ‘s web site for more information about Made on Monday, or the Textile Arts group on Facebook, to see what others are doing. References I’m using for my project include Ruth Singer’s Fabric Manipulation: 150 Creative Sewing Techniques, and The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Collette Wolff.


4 thoughts on “Made on Monday 9 – Dunes at Dawn

    • Claire, I’m forcing myself to stick to one method for awhile at least, and see what all I can do with it. The ribbon color was like a wonderful gift!


    • Thanks, Lara. This is a departure for me, because my inclination is to do something different every time. Glad you are liking it!


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