Noises Off! – Act III

I finally decided how to move along with the Floating Squares score (see Big Noise). After more than three weeks of

  • dithering about the density and saturation of my colors,
  • thinking about adding some ‘negative space’ fabric
  • considering many suggestions from folks here and on the Improv Quilters FB page,

l finally made a decision to honor my original intention, sort of. I actually like the mashup of intense prints all together, but I still felt some open air was needed in the piece. My original choice for this was too dark and muddy. I found this piece of fabric that I thought worked a lot better. IMG_1639It is a mixed up collage of slightly yellowed newsprint from French newspapers, which appear to deal with theater reviews of a time gone by. Names like Sarah Bernhardt and Mme. Modjeska appear here and there. It is almost a floating squares score in itself. Rather than use it to equalize my large units internally, I used it around the edges, in the wings, as it were. I had twenty large units to start with, but only used sixteen of them in the end keeping the overall piece at about 45″ x 60″ in size.

Satisfactions: I stuck to my guns, and never once picked up my ruler. My freehand cutting and piecing is getting technically better. I managed to piece together all these differently-shaped pieces and keep the overall piece fairly flat–which the photo doesn’t demonstrate…I only had one place where I could hang it and photograph it, in the garage, and the mise en scene and stage-lighting are not ideal. Dissatisfaction: I wasted way too long over-thinking it. Surprise: I still like it now it’s done. Discovery: I had a nice big piece of made fabric left over, the discarded row, and have already started doing something else with it! Stay tuned.IMG_1643

Now it goes in the quilting queue. After it is quilted, I will bring it back out for a curtain call!


4 thoughts on “Noises Off! – Act III

  1. This really turned out nice, Sue! And like I said on the FB site (klrollag), I really like how the piece is floated in the grey/newsprint. It adds such interest.


  2. I have loved your saturated colour all along and am glad that you have found a way to balance it without diluting it. The text print works beautifully and I really like a lot the way your bright squares seem to float above it.


  3. I saw this on FB but like it even more here when I can read more about your process. You made a good choice with your fabrics: the density of the brights is well offset by the light grey surrounding it. I like the way you didn’t extend it all the way around. Looks good.


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