Made on Monday 10 – Tangled Web and an Announcement!

This Monday, here is another set of tucks in kona cotton, stitched with the Singer Tuck Marker, of equal depth but randomly spaced, then folded and sculpted and hand-stitched down, with bundles of perle cotton and copper thread woven into the channels in between. This will probably be the last of the tucks for awhile, because I’m feeling a bit tuck(er)ed out and thinking about moving on to different techniques!#10 Tangled Web

Meanwhile, the Made on Monday group got this message from Kate Bridger last week:

Greetings All! I am delighted to announce that the Made On Monday is now up and running featuring 3 artist pages: Kate Bridger, LeAnn Oman and Emma Siedle-Collins. New pages will be published as other members of the MoM group reach their 12-piece target, so be sure to visit and re-visit the site regularly.

The site looks great and it is fun to see what the others are doing all in one place. And, I’m excited, as I’m now only two pieces away from the magic dozen!

References I’m using for my project include Ruth Singer’s Fabric Manipulation: 150 Creative Sewing Techniques, and The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Collette Wolff.


3 thoughts on “Made on Monday 10 – Tangled Web and an Announcement!

  1. You’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of the tucks. (My favorite is last weeks and a close second is White Out.) i did take a peek at the other three–“professionally matted and framed” sounds scary. Some fun pieces, though. More detail than I could imagine on so small a square.


  2. I’ve really enjoyed watching your work with tucks, so will be sad to see you finish, but then excited to see what next! Made on Monday is such an interesting idea, if only I could work at that sort of pace!


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