Sunday Walk 2/21/16 – Helen Putnam Park

Sunday Walks in My Part of the World

Other bloggers share photographs of their places on earth and I always enjoy seeing where people are and what physical surroundings might influence them and their work. We are blessed to live in a beautiful place, and I want to share.

For almost a year now, my husband and I have made a practice of taking a hike each Sunday morning. We drive somewhere, near or far, and take a picnic lunch. Then we hike a few miles. Then we find a nice spot to eat our picnic, sometimes in our folding camp chairs, or at a handy picnic table, or even in the car, if it is cold (which it has been lately, sometimes, along the coast). This year, we are exploring the Sonoma County Regional Parks. We have lived in Sonoma County since we met in 1971, and are finding new places we’ve never visited before. This morning took us to Helen Putnam Park near Petaluma, where we lived when we were first married, and when the babies were born. It was a glorious day, and we were treated with beautiful views and a lovely walk.DSC00389 DSC00402 DSC00397 DSC00382 DSC00385 DSC00378


3 thoughts on “Sunday Walk 2/21/16 – Helen Putnam Park

  1. oh yes, how pretty. We’d love to live there but girl! It’s so expensive. The scenery is lovely to see today, especially when it’s so brown and drab here at the end of winter. We’re in MD near DC.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color


    • Yes, it is pretty “spendy” around here, as my DD would say. But after 5 generations in California hard to imagine bailing out. We are blessed with weather and scenery. Have visited your area, too and would like to again. My middle niece is there at present, complaining about the snow!


  2. This comment is belated, but I just found your post on AHIQ. We used to live in the Bay Area on the Peninsula for 17 years. Since we were newcomers to the West Coast we saw as many sites and parks as we could, especially with our two kids. ,we loved visiting Sonoma with muss
    Ice on,the square and the wineries. It has a small town charm. We liked the Russian River area also, with some fun wineries. We moved to WA state for years and now I am in Madison Wisconsin near my family, but I sure,miss,the ocean.


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