Old Treasure

At The Legacy this week, a new donated find was on the wall. It is worth sharing. This is a donated Tumbling Blocks quilt top WIP from a long time ago. Much of it is already joined, I’d guess about 60″ by 72″ or so, and there was a large bag more of pieced hexies ready to add to it. The paper is still all basted in. Someone took the time to read what they could from the pieced backs. The quilter used old newspapers, advertisements, magazines, wrappers, letters, and a German Bible. The date range found on the backing paper ranged from around 1889 to 1915. If it really does date from that time period, it must have been stored carefully for the better part of the last century, because the colors are remarkable. If I didn’t already have a large collection of unfinished things, I’d buy it myself. Price tag is $100. What a bargain. I wanted to share, because it is just so pretty, and because someone did so much work that still isn’t finished!

First, here are a few details from the back.

A shot showing it folded back so both sides are visible.


And a detail shot of the front.img_2397

I hope I don’t leave anything this grand unfinished! Enjoy!


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