Made on Monday 18 – Spring Thing

In a previous post I revealed that my hoarding tendency extends to saving of thread trimmings cut from many projects. I’m pleased to say that finally found something to do with them! Well, some of them. Continuing on with my current lace fetish, I tried again to “make” lace using soluble stabilizer and machine stitching. This time I used a little handful of colorful thread snippets for the filler, and multi-colored cotton for the framework. Maybe not fine art, but a lot of fun to do. I allowed it to be as gaudy as it wanted to be, and added some hand beading for a center. Here’s my Spring Thing–


Made on Monday is the brainchild of Canadian textile artist Kate Bridger. Late in 2015, Kate issued a challenge to all two-dimensional artists working in any media, to complete one small “mini-art” piece per week for a year. The only limiting criterion is that each piece must be 5” x 5”. Artists with at least 12 pieces completed are featured on their own “artist page” on the MoM web site. There are now 11 individual pages for artists from several countries participating, and more in the works.

It’s lots of fun to see what everyone comes up with each week, and I’m glad I decided to give this a try. It is helping me to learn how to “practice” my creative work, and I’m storing up lots of ideas for future. It is also quite satisfying to see that I’ve actually succeeded in producing one little piece each week for the past 20 and the more I do, the more I look forward to them.

Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Made on Monday 18 – Spring Thing

  1. What a joy to see your weekly projects. This is another good job. I think you’re very smart to make these as complete 5″ projects and wish I’d joined. But I’m up to my neck in other stuff so I’ll just enjoy yours and plan better for the future. So much fun to see all your new techniques.


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