Made on Monday 19 – Rust and Lace

A couple of years ago, I stumbled on the book Visual Guide to Working in a Series by the art quilter, Elizabeth Barton. I had just downloaded it as an e-Book and begun to read it, when Christmas came around and my husband had bought the book for me (“it kind of looked like something you might like”). So this is one of a few books I keep in a stack for bedtime reading. I immediately saw why working in a series might be important, but I was unable to put the good advice into practice. There are so many things that interest me, catch my eye, distract me from my original idea, fill my head with so many new ideas…back in THE 60s I’d have attributed it to my sun and moon in Gemini, you know…mutable air sign. Now in MY 60s, I’ve finally been given more time to fill as I please, and my ambitions have expanded accordingly.

This was what attracted me to the Made on Monday challenge. My mission, if I chose to accept it, was to force myself to work in a series. Now, admittedly, I started out in a certain direction, using various fabric manipulation techniques, and though I have veered slightly away from that for the moment, there is no telling when I may veer back. But as I approach the half-way point and look back, I do see a certain evolution and relatedness. I can see some “series within series”. This week’s piece is just a little abstract that continues with elements from some past weeks, including applique’d rusted fabric, applique’d photographs of lace on silk, couching, machine stitching, and the remains of the tiny bits of metal left on that same 6″ square of transfer foil I’ve been using for about the last two months! #19 Rust and Lace

Made on Monday is the brainchild of Canadian textile artist Kate Bridger. Lots of eye candy on view on the site!

Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Made on Monday 19 – Rust and Lace

  1. I have that book, too. Like you, I love the concept but have problems putting it in to practice. And I’m not a Geminii. You’ve found a good way to create series when you want. Congrats.


  2. Another one here who likes the idea but fails to see it through! Looking at your Monday pieces one of the things I enjoy is the sense of ideas evolving and being revisited. I love the rusty circles in this one.


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