Made on Monday 21 – April Showers

After some very warm weather, we’ve had a string of cooler, windy and rainy days. This week’s piece includes layering of cottons, tulle and even some torn, paper towel used for cleanup during the recent dye session, foiling, machine stitch and reverse applique.


There will be May flowers eventually, but the showers here threatened to knock down all the roses blooming in the yard, so I thought I’d take pictures before they are all gone again.

DSC01197 DSC01195 DSC01194 DSC01196 DSC01193 DSC01189

Thanks for coming by, and have a great Monday!

 Made on Monday is the brainchild of Canadian textile artist Kate Bridger.


2 thoughts on “Made on Monday 21 – April Showers

  1. I like this one a lot. It is so pretty, and really evocative of a drippy spring day. Your flowers are pretty, too, especially the perfect pink rose. Love, Mom


    • Aw! Thank you Mom! I’m glad you like it. That rose is a Tiffany that was in the yard when we moved in. It still has the best smelling blossoms of all!


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