Made on Monday 22 – May Flowers

A couple of Sundays ago we walked out at Bodega Head. This rainy winter after several drought years has brought back displays of wildflowers to California such as we have not seen for a long time.

Now, the rains of late April have blown East across the state to make some late season snow in the Sierras, and the weather here is warming. It’s expected to reach the low 80s this weekend! Everything is in bloom, everywhere we look. April showers did indeed bring May Flowers. Another background of layered cottons, painted bonding web, paper tulle and organza, with a machine stitched “lace” field of flowers.

#22 May Flowers

Thanks for coming by, and have a great Monday!

 Made on Monday is the brainchild of Canadian textile artist Kate Bridger.


5 thoughts on “Made on Monday 22 – May Flowers

  1. Such a good job transplanting the wildflowers into your quilt. I’m intrigued with paper tulle. I’ll have to look it up. It must have been tricky to free-stitch on paper and not tear all of it away.

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  2. Thanks for all the nice comments! Ann, you found my typo! There should have been a comma between paper and tulle…the paper was one of the layers in the sandwich…the tulle is bonded on top of everything else, and the flowers themselves are made separately, then stitched to the background by hand, like an applique.


  3. Fantastic photos – the colours are so rich they definitely make me want to sew something too. I like where the inspiration took you; I wouldn’t have thought of making the flowers separately and then stitching them on – very interesting approach.


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