Homage to Oscar de la Renta – Eye Candy

I spent a lovely day with two of my favorite ladies last Thursday. We traveled to San Francisco to see the Oscar de la Renta retrospective exhibition at the de Young Museum. The museum itself was a treat to see, as it was completely razed and re-built since I’d last visited. Not sure why, but our trips to the City have become fewer over the years, though it’s only about 50 miles from home.

The show was really grand. There wasn’t a single piece of clothing in it that I ever would have had occasion to wear, but it was all so opulent and elegant and well staged and stunning. Oscar used a lot of very bold color, but usually no more than two colors in any piece. I thought about my grandmother though…there were a couple of outfits I could picture her in.

But what really caught my seamstress’ eye was the embellishment, and the way he manipulated textiles for shape and effect. It was hard to imagine the level of fine hand- work that went into each of these pieces. I viewed the show on two levels, and really I think the details fascinated me the moste. By the way, that photo in the lower right is a bit of a red herring. It is not from a garment, but you will see it in one of the mannequin shots further on.

Cutting to the chase, here are some of my favorite pieces from the show.

And as if that were not enough, we went up to the top of the observation tower at the museum and were treated to these beautiful views over the City!

IMG_2399 IMG_2396


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  1. How wonderful that you saw this exhibit. I’ve wanted to go but simply can’t fit it in. Thanks for sharing your photos. Let me know next time you head to SF.


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