A Nice Surprise, and Made on Monday 25 – a Funny Flower

Earlier in the year, some of us who are participating in the MoM challenge were contacted by Kate Bridger and asked to share some of our observations about the project, and about ourselves. Kate, in turn, was preparing an article for her local West Kootenay Regional Arts Council magazine ARTiculate. How fun to receive a copy of the article and see some of our own early pieces in it, along with our own words in print! It is a first for me, and as my friends across the pond would say, I’m quite chuffed! This has been a fun project generally, and Kate is very gracious and encouraging.

This week’s piece continues the “lace” theme. Machine made, sculpted ‘lace’ flower (I know, it looks like a pot scrubber, but it isn’t!), photo image of lace on Transfer Artist Paper for leaves and stem, and some machine stitch and beads, on a hand-dyed cotton background.

#25 Funny FlowerThanks for coming by, and have a great Monday!

 Made on Monday is the brainchild of Canadian textile artist Kate Bridger.


One thought on “A Nice Surprise, and Made on Monday 25 – a Funny Flower

  1. I like the colours here a lot – the background fabric is lovely and you are finding some interesting ways to push what you can do with lace.


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