Made on Monday 32 – Lost in the Rainforest

On our way to Bocas del Toro we stayed in a beautiful lodge at Cahuita on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast. On the gray, rainy drive to Cahuita we passed this long, deserted beach with painted palms stretching for hundreds of feet, between the highway and the shore. As we stopped to look, the clouds broke and there was a rainbow. It was a moment of whimsical serendipity that made a lasting impression.


At Cahuita the lodge was built in and among the rainforest trees and plants so that each room looked out on its own little wilderness. Outside our room in the middle of the rainy garden, was an abandoned bicycle, painted in rainbow colors. This is a version of my photo, printed on metallic shot cotton, hand colored and machine stitched.

#32 Lost in the Rainforest

For Kate Bridger‘s  Made on Monday.

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Made on Monday 31 – Palms

A little tardy with my MoM this week, due to a long holiday weekend full of travel, friends, family and food.

Still on my rainforest jag, and still based on photographs I took there, but with some different methods this week. This started with an inkjet photo print on metallic shot cotton, which was further accented with Pentel Pastel Dye Sticks and some free-motion machine stitching. I hope it conveys some of the visual impression of staring into the tropical forest.

#31 Palms

For Kate Bridger‘s  Made on Monday.

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