Made on Monday 35 – Concentric Dig

This is the beginning of a series that I thought of as “excavations”. I pulled out several pieces of fabric that I had colored in various ways. Some were painted and/or sun-printed, some printed using a Gelli plate, and some colored using Sharpie pens and alcohol.

The method is a form of reverse applique, or ‘stitch and slash’. Since it is all done freehand, the shapes are pleasingly irregular and spontaneous. Each piece is a stack of four layers, that is stitched then cut away to reveal the layers underneath. As each new color emerges, there is a moment of surprise and the design evolves.

As I worked on these pieces I tried not to plan or over-think what I was doing, and it was lots of fun to just “doodle” and watch them develop. I especially enjoy doodling with the sewing machine, and I had this nice spool of multi-colored Sulky embroidery thread that is now nearly used up!

#35 Concentric Dig

For Kate Bridger‘s  Made on Monday.

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