Marguerite’s Dream – A Challenge, a Detour, and another Finish

Not long ago I joined a group called The Pointless Sisters Art Quilt Group in my neighborhood. It was one of my hopes on my retirement bucket list, to find a group to belong to who shared my interest in textile arts, since virtually none of my family or other friends do.

At the first meeting I attended a new challenge was issued to the group, to make a quilt using only Black and White and One Color. We can use any shade (of black, or white orthe one color), the quilt could be any size, and any theme. I wracked my brain for a couple of months, and finally started on a strings project similar to my Improv Bargello, using a selection of black and white prints, black and white solids and an array of orange shades from a fat quarter bundle that happened to show up in the shop where I volunteer. It was going along pretty well, when in the wee hours one night I woke up with a very clear vision of a completely different quilt that would also satisfy this challenge! So, I stopped in the middle of the one I’d started and made the one I’m sharing today.

And, in spite of my ongoing struggles with free motion quilting, I forced myself to do some on this piece, because it was just the only way to get the effect I was going for. I used a combination of FMQ (verging on FM embroidery or even thread painting, really) and more straight line quilting, but because this is the first piece I have finished where I actually like the way the FMQ came out, I’m also going to attempt to link up with Lizzie Lenard’s Free Motion Mavericks, where I have been watching from the wings for many months, but had nothing to share. Better start somewhere!

Here are a couple of detail shots:



One not-so-happy discovery was that the fusibles* I used for the applique on this project really gummed up my machine needles so that I had to constantly stop and clean them off, and when I got to the hand sewing bits, it was even worse!

*I used Wonder Under until I ran out and then completed with Steam-a-Seam 2 Lite. I had not really had this experience before, so am somewhat mystified.

Anyhow, I persisted, and here is the finished piece.



Marguerite’s Dream

16″ x 23″

August 2016

Now, back to my original project.

Thanks for stopping by!


12 thoughts on “Marguerite’s Dream – A Challenge, a Detour, and another Finish

  1. Sticky needles sounds like a proper pain! I love that you followed your dream and made this – the black and white petals sit so nicely with the yellow centre and I really like how you have used your stitching too.


    • Thanks, Kaja! I am pleased with this one. Middle-of-the-night ideas are much more spontaneous than waking thoughts, where I tend to over-think everything. This time it worked!


  2. Wow on so many levels – from the stitching to the color palette! You have made me think about black, white and yellow! The black & white fabrics are so cool (with the newsprint, etc.)


  3. Hello Sue,

    I love your quilt! It is bold from a distance and fascinating to look at close up, with the tantalising snippet that says “half agony, half hope.” Congratulations on forcing yourself to do the FMQ – it give the perfect texture for the centre of the flower.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks – your flower is this week’s featured project!

    Love, Muv

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  4. Found you through Lizzie Lenard – you hit it out of the park on that challenge! Sort of applique-esque. Filing that technique away for future reference.


    • Thank you so much. This is an applique technique I learned in a workshop by Denise Oyama Miller, and blogged about a few weeks ago. It is pretty versatile. Thanks for visiting!


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