Made on Monday 42 – Into the Fire

Another image from the night kitchen. I noticed after I finished it that my thread sketching had placed my walking figure (one of the night shift workers) in an anatomically improbable pose, but that’s just consistent with the middle of the night state of being. This was made using discharge paste (more on which, see below) applied with both a stamp (texture on the left) and a stencil (walking figure) on commercial printed fabric, to which I added machine stitching and a bit of foil.


Like last week’s MoM, this one is also a result of experiments in color removal. This one specifically used Jacquard Discharge Paste. I applied this material to several different commercially dyed and/or printed fabrics, just to see what happened. I did a similar experiment with one of those bleach pens you can buy in the laundry section of the market. I think I was a little too hesitant in the amount I applied with both these discharge agents, but still I got some interesting results. I applied them in various ways, sometimes by stamping, sometimes with stencils, sometimes just freehand drawing (with the bleach pen). I did discover that while the bleach pen removes some of the color, it does not necessarily remove it all…that is, on a black fabric, for example, the image that remains after bleaching reveals one of the constituent dyes that made up the original fabric color.


The Jacquard Discharge Paste, on the other hand, seems to remove all the color, and leave a white image. (This can then be over-dyed, or painted, or otherwise re-colored, as I did with last week’s leaf image.) Here are a couple of examples of the effects of discharge paste. The one on the right is an example of where I could have been a little more liberal in the application. The one of the left, maybe a little less!


For Kate Bridger‘s  Made on Monday.

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4 thoughts on “Made on Monday 42 – Into the Fire

  1. I have been pondering techniques for something specific but hadn’t thought of discharge paste. It’s always interesting to see what you are getting up to.


    • I am having fun trying whatever blows my hair back on any given day. But, I’m also mindful that I need to try to focus a bit. The discharging of color is very interesting. I’m doing it while waiting to have the setup for adding color (dyeing) which is a ways off, logistically.


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