Made on Monday 43 – A Little Night Tune

Another image from nighttime wakefulness, using fabrics from the discharging session and some machine thread sketching. Did I mention that I try to “think” music in my head to put myself back to sleep? Not foolproof, but it works sometimes.



For Kate Bridger‘s  Made on Monday.

Thanks for coming by!



3 thoughts on “Made on Monday 43 – A Little Night Tune

  1. I like this one very much–the colors, the interplay of the various shapes. The arrow catches my interest (the focus) and also points to the rest. The notes, on their sides–I love that detail–point me back to the arrow.


    • Thanks, Claire
      I need to get these all out and analyze them to see what worked and what didn’t and why. I like this one, too. Others, not so much!


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