Bright Elusive Butterfly

I have been limiting posts to my Made on Monday pieces over the summer while I am immersed in a lot of other activities. This week, it is going to be late, because my entire “studio” aka sewing room is being packed up preparatory for painting and refurbishing. It will be wonderful when it’s done, but for now my tools and materials and working space are mostly unavailable.

Last spring I joined an art quilters group which has occupied a good deal of my time. As I wrote about in an earlier post, on the day I joined the group they issued a challenge to make a quilt using only black and white and one color. After I’d completed Marguerite’s Dream, I had another inspiration one evening, while watching a film called The Flight of the Butterflies.

I’m always trying to photograph butterflies on our walks, but they don’t like to hold still for the camera. I was thinking about the way you never really get a good look at them (except in this film) and they are always kind of fluttering out of sight. I had been playing with cropping images (like Marguerite) and liked the effect of a partial view. Also, I have found I really like fused applique techniques, decorative machine stitching and freeform quilting, and this project gave me some more good practice in all three.

Here is the result. The title will ring a bell for those of you who are roughly of my vintage. It’s small, only 16″ square. It was well received when we revealed our challenge quilts at our October meeting, as was Marguerite’s Dream. dsc02179

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8 thoughts on “Bright Elusive Butterfly

  1. How perfect! Especially the way you cropped it. Many photos and quilts would be improved with cropping. I’m not too good at it. (Could this be the scientist in me?) I need more practice. So glad you joined an art group. You’re having so much fun and your work is advancing by leaps and bounds.
    I vaguely recalled the title phrase. Took a while to remember Glen Campbell singing it.


    • Thanks, Ann. Glad you like it! And you win the old-timer bingo! I hadn’t remembered that Glen Campbell sang it, but now you mention it, it rings a bell…he covered it, but the guy who wrote it (and I think had the first hit recording in 1965) was named Bob Lind.


  2. This is pretty spectacular, and an imaginative way to interpret the challenge. I’m not sure I know you well enough to say “I’m really proud of you,” but that is what comes to mind!


    • Heck, Melanie, if you want to be proud of me I’m all for it! Thank you. It was the first challenge that I really had to ‘perform’ for, and I mostly enjoyed it, but there were also moments when I didn’t. I’m pleased at what came from it though, and it has given me ideas and confidence to do some more in the same vein.

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