Made on Monday 46-47-48 – Catching Up a Bit

Life Happens

Well it’s been very busy around here for the past few weeks, and my opportunities to work on projects has been quite limited. For starters, I have gone through, weeded out, discarded, donated, boxed and organized everything in my stash of fabrics, art supplies, office supplies, family business paperwork and about 50 years of family photos, so that it could all be moved out of my sewing space (daughter’s old bedroom) in preparation for removal of a large piece of furniture (her old bed) in there, and then for painting and re-furnishing into what I will think of as my studio. It’s been a lot of work and has limited what I had to work with. I set aside a box of the bits and scraps from my Made on Monday projects and vowed that the remaining pieces, counting down to week 52, would be made with what was in this box. Then, there came the monthly meeting of my art quilt group, requiring some work on my part, and some family business that took precedence over everything, and then this week, the election. I really needed to take some time off and have a little fun, though, so yesterday I went into that strangely bare room and spent a very pleasant, quiet afternoon putting together these three pieces, and making up for the last three weeks I have been absent from this project. These are more pieces from my collection of color removal experiments, discussed in this post. So, without further ado–

MoM #46 – Storm Brewing

Discharge paste stencil on commercial fabric, colored pencils, machine stitch.


MoM #47 – Not Afraid of the Dark

Discharge paste stencil on commercial fabrics, machine stitching.


MoM #48 – Night Design Wall

Discharge paste stencil on commercial prints, fabric collage, machine stitching.


Even though my studio has vanished, the act of making is calming, I am still working, and thankful that I can. I wish the same for all of you. Thanks for coming by!

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4 thoughts on “Made on Monday 46-47-48 – Catching Up a Bit

  1. You didn’t slack off a bit with that project list! I wish you many happy hours in your new studio. What a treat that will be. Thanks for sharing your new projects. I’m also a fan of Not Afraid of the Dark.


    • Thanks Melanie. That phrase was the one comment I read (out of many, many this week) that really struck me, and resonated. When I picked that scrap out of the box yesterday, I knew what its title would be right away!

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  2. I like that I can see some of the ideas from Not Afraid of the Dark developed in the following piece. Looks like even having no proper set up doesn’t slow you down too much, but I bet you are looking forward to a shiny new studio!


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