Made on Monday 49-50-51 and 52- The Grand Finale?

Since my last post, we have finished painting the second bedroom, bought storage shelves, and I have my sewing studio functional once again. Yesterday I was able to do some sewing in my new space. While I was out of action, I had started reading the book Art Quilt Collage, by Deborah Boschert. I have felt I needed some knowledge (if not instructions) about design, composition, color generally. Now that I’ve joined a group of artists, I’ve felt the need to learn some of the language, which has always made me slightly uncomfortable. No harm seeing what other people have to say and this book is quite engaging. So, one exercise she proposes is to choose a fabric pallette, and then make quick fabric collage “sketches” of each of her Eight Design Guides.

So, I dug into my new Wall of Stash


What fun! Here I found a really interesting painterly abstract print by Alexander Henry, and a few coordinating pieces. I have a lot of black and white, and included a few of those prints for their graphic possibilities. When I looked at this collection I realized two things: One, I had stayed in my “safe” zone of very bright, bold, saturated colors, my choices were pretty matchy-matchy. And two, I really do need to challenge myself a bit on the color combos–(more on that theme later) except looking at this made me happy.


So, I proceeded with the Eight Design Guides exercise, and along the way I have produced the four more Made on Monday pieces I needed to catch up to NUMBER 52 this week, plus five more for good measure. And here they are:

MoM 49 – Not in Kansas

Design Guide – Landscape img_3046

MoM 50 – Thirds + 1

Design Guide – Third Plus


MoM 51 – No Man’s Land

Design Guide – One Amazing Line



MoM 52 – Sailors Take Warning

Design Guide – Modular – Except I took extreme liberties with the concept of a “stack of shapes”. When I saw this background, I just knew what the image had to be.


MoM 53 – Maybe I’m a Maze

Design Guide – Dancing Grid


MoM 54 – Nosegay from Outer Space

Design Guide – Magic Three


Mom 55 – Right and Other Angles

No design guide. Just symmetrical.


MoM 56 – Symmetrical, Not

Design Guide – Symmetrical


MoM 57 – Going Off Grid

Design Guide – Grid


Now, I may want to continue on with the Made on Monday commitment, since I’ve got myself all the way ahead into the new year, in terms of Mondays.

If not, I have learned a lot from making and keeping this commitment for the past year. I have made some new online friends, the other artists participating in MoM. I have learned what it takes to keep to the task, and how much I can learn by persisting. It has given me an opportunity, even an obligation, to try things I have not done before. We’ve had our work and words published in magazines and we communicate regularly through the Textile Arts Facebook page. And of course there is Kate Bridger, herself, whose idea it all was in the first place, and who has provided constant support and encouragement. If you have not visited Kate’s page, please do. She is a talented textile artist, writer and source of lots of inspiration, and a kind and gracious person to boot.

And thank you for visiting!

For Kate Bridger‘s  Made on Monday.



14 thoughts on “Made on Monday 49-50-51 and 52- The Grand Finale?

  1. What a grand finale. And new start. I especially like Not in Kansas, No Man’s Land, and Symmetrical Not. Cheers on doing the whole year. Tell more about being published–what magazines?


  2. It’s important to challenge yourself, and perhaps you see color as one area you need to stretch. But it’s also important to do things that bring you pleasure, and working with these bright colors must. They certainly were fun for me to enjoy. Your small works are engaging and I think the fabrics suited the exercises, as you met them, very well.


    • Yes indeed, Melanie. I picked out those fabrics and then thought, well, that is typical of me, and my next thought was “so what?”. I did please myself, and maybe will please others as well! Thanks for coming by!

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  3. Wow, wow, wow! Gorgeous! Besides the beautiful art pieces, I loved the glimpse into your studio. I love looking at other crafters’ studios! Congrats on being so dedicated to Made on Monday. I need to check that link out 🙂


    • I checked out the link you put up for Claire as well as the Made on Monday website link – wow that looks very cool. I want to participate…thinking about it… 🙂


      • Thanks, Tierney, I’m glad you took a look. The project is ongoing, and it sure doesn’t hurt to try! As I said, it has been a lot of fun. Now to decide what I want to do with all those little squares!


  4. What a great collection of pieces to finish off the year/get ahead for 2017. I have really enjoyed seeing your explorations this year.


    • I was contemplating whether I would continue with those, but I think I need to move to a bigger format. Thanks for coming along on the journey!


  5. It has been exciting to watch your skills develop. Even more when you share your sources and your thoughts as you create these. You are so smart to stick to this small size for a year. Incorporating a larger size next year sounds like a great plan.
    I enjoy looking at the details of these last few and am glad you used your favorite colors.


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