AHIQ 2017 – Game On!

A little tardy with this linkup, but once the seasonal festivities were behind us we were overtaken by the seasonal cold or flu – yes, in spite of flu shots. The fun never ends! I did decide to finish the small piece I posted about last time, Abbott’s Lagoon. I am trying to overcome my fear of free-motion quilting, fully realizing that the only way to learn it is to do it, so I just jumped in. I did some quilting, then some more quilting, then some free-motion embroidery for good measure, and finally laid it on the table and colored in some enhancements with water-soluble oil pastels and some dye sticks.

On Tuesday, when Ann and Kaja posted the AHIQ linkup, I was busy, but eventually got to reading it and was very honored to find that Ann had cited my little quilt as an example of one kind of “chinese coins”. That is part of the AHIQ game plan for this first few months of 2017. Then, I went on to Pinterest (which I have neglected for some time) and searched more chinese coin quilts and what do you know, there was me!

So, though I have nothing else new to show for January, I will just post this finished piece and link up with AHIQ…and even though, if I’ve already produced some chinese coins, I could rest on my laurels, that would be no fun; and besides I already have a bunch of ideas of what I might work on next.


Abbott’s Lagoon, 11″ x 26″, Sue Kelly, January 2017 Machine pieced, quilted and embroidered.


10 thoughts on “AHIQ 2017 – Game On!

  1. Hope you are feeling better! I like, like, like this piece! The palette, composition and stitching are wonderful – I love how you gave it an organic, nature feel with the stitching!


  2. I love the vegetation stitched delicately on top. It adds so much to your quilt. Interesting how you tore the photo up but with all your quilting and embellishment you’ve rebuilt it on your abstract base. Congratulations.
    Thanks for linking with AHIQ and for unintentionally providing such an excellent example of Chinese Coins used in an inventive manner.

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    • Let me clarify what I mean by unintentional: I know you planned to abstract Abbott’s Lagoon. I don’t think you create to be an example of Chinese Coins. I love your finished piece and find it serendipitously exciting that it “looks” a bit like Coins.


      • I understood what you meant, though I hadn’t thought of it like that myself, until I looked at it again. Now, it’s been a springboard for a new idea I’m trying, more intentionally!


  3. Without even reading it I thought of Chinese coins. The FMQ Clarifies each area, the weeds and grasses,c the smooth running water and the swigglewaggles in the muddy murky areas. I think the quilting really conveys the lagoon impression from your pics. Congrats!


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