Coin Toss – AHIQ Linkup Better Late than Never!

Well I’ve been a bit derelict on the blogging, but it is because I have been working on my online course with Pixeladies in Photoshop Elements, and working on a new project that is completely different to the chinese coins, on which I will comment another time. Also, as it happens, my art quilt group (of which I am now in charge of running the meetings, since last October) happens to meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month, the same day as Ann and Kaja post the AHIQ linkup.  So with that and other things, it got to be a busy week. But I enjoy the AHIQ challenge, and the community it has created, so I didn’t want to let the month go by without reporting progress. I have not touched the actual piecing I did when I last posted my Chinese coins, but I have used it as a learning tool to see how Photoshop Elements can help me work out quilt designs. I guess that takes it a little bit out of the improv world but it is an alternative way of auditioning changes, layout choices, color schemes and so on, that I have found helpful. So, by arranging, rearranging and generally fiddling around with my quilt pieces on the computer, I have come up with a layout, and decided that I need a darker, contrasting field to set the pieces in, for this quilt. I am posting this planned layout, on a black background. Now I need to search in the stash for the right background fabric that will serve as the sashing (where the black is) because it is obvious to me that stark black isn’t what is required. I’m enjoying reading everyone’s posts this month and very flattered that my goading of KL Rollag bore some fruit. She has been a regular on the Improv Handbook FB page for awhile and I admire her work, and her pluck! I love that I have developed a web of communication that reaches around the globe. I wish we could all get together for a cup of tea some day, and a good yack!

Here’s my chosen layout for the Coin Toss.


Linking up with AHIQ, this Fourth day of March, Two Thousand and Seventeen.

7 thoughts on “Coin Toss – AHIQ Linkup Better Late than Never!

  1. Threads of our lives weave in and out in the most unusual ways. I heard the PixeLadies speak right before your last post but you inspire me to add their online classes to my list. I think photoshop is a great way to work a design. It would never have occurred to me if you hadn’t led the way. Others can argue how improv should be accomplished. In the mean time, you are happily learning successful new techniques. I look forward to how you translate this into fabric. Moving between color computer mock ups and actual fabric has always been a struggle for me. Another reason PixeLadies classes intrigue.
    Thanks for all the inspiration and for linking another great post with AHIQ.


    • I am really enjoying the classes. I’ll write more about it when I’ve finished them. It is a lot to take in, but I am having lots of fun with it. This was my first attempt using it as a design wall. Still working on understanding how to size different images so they are in the proper relationship to each other as they would be in “real life”.


  2. Thanks for joining in with AHIQ – wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have that cup of tea! This is an interesting progression: I like the coins at the top and the way your stacks of coins are in stacks themselves. It will be fun to see this again once you’ve moved back into fabric.


  3. I like the way you stacked the coins, and how they are different widths. Great idea to balance out with the white. And the coin on top is great!


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