Made on Monday 49-50-51 and 52- The Grand Finale?

Since my last post, we have finished painting the second bedroom, bought storage shelves, and I have my sewing studio functional once again. Yesterday I was able to do some sewing in my new space. While I was out of action, I had started reading the book Art Quilt Collage, by Deborah Boschert. I have felt I needed some knowledge (if not instructions) about design, composition, color generally. Now that I’ve joined a group of artists, I’ve felt the need to learn some of the language, which has always made me slightly uncomfortable. No harm seeing what other people have to say and this book is quite engaging. So, one exercise she proposes is to choose a fabric pallette, and then make quick fabric collage “sketches” of each of her Eight Design Guides.

So, I dug into my new Wall of Stash


What fun! Here I found a really interesting painterly abstract print by Alexander Henry, and a few coordinating pieces. I have a lot of black and white, and included a few of those prints for their graphic possibilities. When I looked at this collection I realized two things: One, I had stayed in my “safe” zone of very bright, bold, saturated colors, my choices were pretty matchy-matchy. And two, I really do need to challenge myself a bit on the color combos–(more on that theme later) except looking at this made me happy.


So, I proceeded with the Eight Design Guides exercise, and along the way I have produced the four more Made on Monday pieces I needed to catch up to NUMBER 52 this week, plus five more for good measure. And here they are:

MoM 49 – Not in Kansas

Design Guide – Landscape img_3046

MoM 50 – Thirds + 1

Design Guide – Third Plus


MoM 51 – No Man’s Land

Design Guide – One Amazing Line



MoM 52 – Sailors Take Warning

Design Guide – Modular – Except I took extreme liberties with the concept of a “stack of shapes”. When I saw this background, I just knew what the image had to be.


MoM 53 – Maybe I’m a Maze

Design Guide – Dancing Grid


MoM 54 – Nosegay from Outer Space

Design Guide – Magic Three


Mom 55 – Right and Other Angles

No design guide. Just symmetrical.


MoM 56 – Symmetrical, Not

Design Guide – Symmetrical


MoM 57 – Going Off Grid

Design Guide – Grid


Now, I may want to continue on with the Made on Monday commitment, since I’ve got myself all the way ahead into the new year, in terms of Mondays.

If not, I have learned a lot from making and keeping this commitment for the past year. I have made some new online friends, the other artists participating in MoM. I have learned what it takes to keep to the task, and how much I can learn by persisting. It has given me an opportunity, even an obligation, to try things I have not done before. We’ve had our work and words published in magazines and we communicate regularly through the Textile Arts Facebook page. And of course there is Kate Bridger, herself, whose idea it all was in the first place, and who has provided constant support and encouragement. If you have not visited Kate’s page, please do. She is a talented textile artist, writer and source of lots of inspiration, and a kind and gracious person to boot.

And thank you for visiting!

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Made on Monday 46-47-48 – Catching Up a Bit

Life Happens

Well it’s been very busy around here for the past few weeks, and my opportunities to work on projects has been quite limited. For starters, I have gone through, weeded out, discarded, donated, boxed and organized everything in my stash of fabrics, art supplies, office supplies, family business paperwork and about 50 years of family photos, so that it could all be moved out of my sewing space (daughter’s old bedroom) in preparation for removal of a large piece of furniture (her old bed) in there, and then for painting and re-furnishing into what I will think of as my studio. It’s been a lot of work and has limited what I had to work with. I set aside a box of the bits and scraps from my Made on Monday projects and vowed that the remaining pieces, counting down to week 52, would be made with what was in this box. Then, there came the monthly meeting of my art quilt group, requiring some work on my part, and some family business that took precedence over everything, and then this week, the election. I really needed to take some time off and have a little fun, though, so yesterday I went into that strangely bare room and spent a very pleasant, quiet afternoon putting together these three pieces, and making up for the last three weeks I have been absent from this project. These are more pieces from my collection of color removal experiments, discussed in this post. So, without further ado–

MoM #46 – Storm Brewing

Discharge paste stencil on commercial fabric, colored pencils, machine stitch.


MoM #47 – Not Afraid of the Dark

Discharge paste stencil on commercial fabrics, machine stitching.


MoM #48 – Night Design Wall

Discharge paste stencil on commercial prints, fabric collage, machine stitching.


Even though my studio has vanished, the act of making is calming, I am still working, and thankful that I can. I wish the same for all of you. Thanks for coming by!

For Kate Bridger‘s  Made on Monday.


Made on Monday 45 – Expanded Square #3

This week’s MoM is another of my Expanded Square experiments, as I wrote about last week, from Jane Dunnewold‘s Creative Strength Training course. It follows the rules a little more closely, in that it is just in black and white, but it’s also done in fabric and embellished a bit with stitching. I really like the bold graphic designs that can be created with this technique. 

For Kate Bridger‘s  Made on Monday.

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Made on Monday 44 – Cacophony

I have begun working through Jane Dunnewold‘s Creative Strength Training course, actually a third time through reading it and really trying to do the exercises and get with the program generally. It is a way to develop a habit of artistic practice. She likens the practice of art to the way an athlete might practice, but in the case of artists, the ‘cross training’ comes in the form of writing and other types of exercises, contemplations to help a person define what their intentions are with regard to their art, and create a system to achieve them.  The exercise in the second chapter is called “Expanded Square”. The challenge is to make some following directions, and then to see what happens if you don’t follow the rules. The chapter has to do with acknowledging our “inner rebel”. Initially, we were to create the expanded boxes using black and white paper and a pair of scissors. Okay, well, I didn’t have any black paper, but I had some other-colored paper, so I used that instead. Here’s my first set:1

I was quite taken with the graphic look of these shapes. I can see using them as a repeating overall design of one or more of them. There is a sort of surprise in the design that happens as you flip the cutout pieces out of the square and stick them down. Next, I thought I’d try to expand some boxes using iDraw. This resulted in expanded boxes within boxes.


Naturally, having broken the “color rule”, I also immediately wanted to try this in fabric, so I’ve been making a series of interpretations in cloth, in the MoM format of 5″ square.

Made on Monday #44


Harsh discordance of sound; dissonance: a cacophony of hoots, cackles, and wails.

discordant and meaningless mixture of sounds. Frequent use of discords of a harshness and relationship difficult to understand.


For Kate Bridger‘s  Made on Monday.

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Made on Monday 42 – Into the Fire

Another image from the night kitchen. I noticed after I finished it that my thread sketching had placed my walking figure (one of the night shift workers) in an anatomically improbable pose, but that’s just consistent with the middle of the night state of being. This was made using discharge paste (more on which, see below) applied with both a stamp (texture on the left) and a stencil (walking figure) on commercial printed fabric, to which I added machine stitching and a bit of foil.


Like last week’s MoM, this one is also a result of experiments in color removal. This one specifically used Jacquard Discharge Paste. I applied this material to several different commercially dyed and/or printed fabrics, just to see what happened. I did a similar experiment with one of those bleach pens you can buy in the laundry section of the market. I think I was a little too hesitant in the amount I applied with both these discharge agents, but still I got some interesting results. I applied them in various ways, sometimes by stamping, sometimes with stencils, sometimes just freehand drawing (with the bleach pen). I did discover that while the bleach pen removes some of the color, it does not necessarily remove it all…that is, on a black fabric, for example, the image that remains after bleaching reveals one of the constituent dyes that made up the original fabric color.


The Jacquard Discharge Paste, on the other hand, seems to remove all the color, and leave a white image. (This can then be over-dyed, or painted, or otherwise re-colored, as I did with last week’s leaf image.) Here are a couple of examples of the effects of discharge paste. The one on the right is an example of where I could have been a little more liberal in the application. The one of the left, maybe a little less!


For Kate Bridger‘s  Made on Monday.

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Made on Monday 41 – Autumnal Equinox

What’s Cooking In the Night Kitchen?

I don’t know about you all, but I am wakeful at the wrongest times, and quite often. I think the cat gets up for a snack around 3 a.m. and she wakes me up when she walks across me on her way to the kitchen. This is the cat in question. img_2246-version-2When I wake up at that hour, it is often hard to return to sleep. I’ve had enough sleep to feel fairly rested, but noting the time, I begin to worry about not going back to sleep, and then other thoughts begin to creep in.While this is somewhat annoying, I find I have some of my best creative inspirations during the wee hours. I have become obsessed with an idea of making a quilt that reflects the way these ideas come to me when I would rather be sleeping. I had a vision of all the workers in my head marching around and creating these images that would appear out of the darkness. So this week, I started doing some experiments with bleach pens and discharge paste on commercially dyed dark fabrics I had lying around. Ultimately I will want to dye my own fabric and discharge and embellish it afterward, but right now I don’t have the space available to make that big of a mess, so I’m starting small. I came up with some interesting scraps of this and that, and decided to use them for my next batch of Made on Monday pieces. Here is the first one. This was made with Jacquard Discharge Paste, stenciled on a commercial print (black printed with a dark gray design), origin unknown. I liked the way the background discharged to a lighter color than the printed design, creating an interesting texture.I added color back into the leaf image with pastel dye sticks, and I added some machine stitching. Happy Autumn!


For Kate Bridger‘s  Made on Monday.

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