A New Start

I have been absent from this place for quite some time. Our holiday season was fun, and full of food and family get-togethers, and somewhat hectic, what with one thing and another, and there hasn’t been much time to spend in the “new” sewing room let alone to write about it. Finally on Boxing Day, we had the time and some chilly but sunny weather favorable for one of our hikes, so we went out to Pt. Reyes and walked the path along Abbott’s Lagoon to the shore. Here is a photo that I took that day, which I decided to use for inspiration for an improv piece, knowing that the AHIQ linkup was coming. I have enjoyed being part of that, and want to keep my hand in.


I chose fabrics fairly quickly; that’s always the easy part for me. Then I cut up the photo in a grid shape, as a tool for deciding on the proportions of the colors, and hopefully to give me some ideas about how to compose the piece. abbots-process-2

I liked the resultant collage a lot! For my first attempt at a composition I tried making one large square block, free-pieced. I thought I might make a series of these and then put them together somehow. img_3235It is a nice looking block that I might use for something else some day, but it was way too literal for my improvisational purposes. Next I thought maybe I would riff on a traditional block and put together a more geometric, abstract rendition. I made four large-ish dissappearing nine-patches and cut them up. img_3234

I like these too, but they were not going in the direction I wanted to go. Finally I just started cutting up strips and putting them together, plus some wider bands of piecing. This was more what I was going for, an abstraction of the image of the lagoon, but using the colors from the photo, in approximately the same proportions. I’m fairly pleased with this result…and now I am pondering where to take it next.

img_3273Better late than never, linking up with Ad Hoc Improv Quilters.

Happy New Year everybody!


Sunday Walk

This week’s Sunday walk was to a place called Pinnacle Gulch (near Bodega Bay, CA) where we have walked before. Rumor has it that if the tide is low enough you can walk down Pinnacle Gulch, then south along the beach and back up Shorttail Gulch. We’ve done both of the gulch trails now, but the tide’s been too high to make the beach link. Same thing this time, so now we know we will have to make it on a minus tide. We’ll keep trying. I took lots of pix of each of the gulch trails before, so this time decided to take a macro tour with my camera. There was a lot to see, close up.

Sunday Walk 2/21/16 – Helen Putnam Park

Sunday Walks in My Part of the World

Other bloggers share photographs of their places on earth and I always enjoy seeing where people are and what physical surroundings might influence them and their work. We are blessed to live in a beautiful place, and I want to share.

For almost a year now, my husband and I have made a practice of taking a hike each Sunday morning. We drive somewhere, near or far, and take a picnic lunch. Then we hike a few miles. Then we find a nice spot to eat our picnic, sometimes in our folding camp chairs, or at a handy picnic table, or even in the car, if it is cold (which it has been lately, sometimes, along the coast). This year, we are exploring the Sonoma County Regional Parks. We have lived in Sonoma County since we met in 1971, and are finding new places we’ve never visited before. This morning took us to Helen Putnam Park near Petaluma, where we lived when we were first married, and when the babies were born. It was a glorious day, and we were treated with beautiful views and a lovely walk.DSC00389 DSC00402 DSC00397 DSC00382 DSC00385 DSC00378